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Definition of a 'Small-r republican'?  One who believes in our republican form of government. 

A 'Large-R Republican' is a member of the Republican political party.

There are many Republicans who are absolutely not republicans.

The Benewah republican newspaper is based on the 'National Gazette' that was first published in 1791 with the support of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.  Editor Philip Freneau published the National Gazette bi-weekly and focused on issues of national interest and politics.  

​Our editorial focus is on national topics and events that have a direct impact on the lives of Benewah County residents.  

​The Benewah republican is not a 'local' newspaper.  Like the National Gazette we are a partisan advocate for the American republic, for republicanism, and for our Constitution and Bill of Rights as ratified in 1791.  If a national news story or event is relevant to Benewah County, it will be featured in the Benewah republican.